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Glass Enamels

About BELLVIEW Glass Enamels

Glass enamels business in JAPAN BELLEVIEW

Our glass enamels are manufactured with the Japanese technology and equipments in our factory in China.
We offer low prices. Also, we are very pound of our product quality and the color variations.


  • Basic Color Range

    Basic Color Range

  • Metallic Enamel

    Metallic Enamel

  • Double Side Effect Washable Enamel

    Double Side Effect Washable Enamel

  • Anti-slippery Enamel

    Anti-slippery Enamel

  • Impact Resistance Enamel

    Impact Resistance Enamel

  • Glass Ceramic Enamel

    Glass Ceramic Enamel

  • Mirror Like Effect Enamel

    Mirror Like Effect Enamel

  • Auto Glass Black Enamel

    Auto Glass Black Enamel

  • Silver Paste

    Silver Paste

  • Thermoplastic Glass Color

    Thermoplastic Glass Color

  • Ceramic Decal Paper

    Ceramic Decal Paper

  • Inorganic Color Pigment

    Inorganic Color Pigment

  • Glass Flux

    Glass Flux

  • Medium/Thinner


  • Free Color Match

    Free Color Match

Trade Fair Information

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「glasstec 2018」in Dusseldorf, Germany

We attended the glasstec 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany as one of the exhibitors.

"glasstec" is the world's leading trade fair for the glass industry with 1,276 exhibitors from 50 countries.
Our glass ink products in the quality and the innovative approach were highly recognized.

 If you have any questions about our glass products, please feel free to contact us.

What's New

2017/7/1 Belleview Co., Ltd., opened the WEB site of the glass enamels business

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