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Privacy Policy

Japan Belleview Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is responsible for the protection of personal information provided in the glass ink business, pin's / key chain business and other various businesses, compliance with related laws and regulations and regulations within the company · We will do everything possible to establish manuals etc. and to protect them.
Personal information specified here is information on living individuals and can be easily identified with other information by name, date of birth and other descriptions etc. that can identify specific individuals Including those that will be able to identify specific individuals), we will establish and maintain the following personal information protection policy.

Compliance with laws and other examples

We comply with the law concerning the protection of personal information, the guidelines specified by the government and other norms, and other laws and regulations.

Continuous improvement of personal information protection activities

We will implement and maintain activities to protect personal information based on this personal information protection policy and we will also make continuous improvements.

Management and response in personal information protection

We will establish a management system for the purpose of protecting personal information and strive to prevent the leakage of information due to unauthorized access and loss, and we inform our officers and employees about our company rules and thoroughly comply with our company rules. In addition, we will try to respond promptly and reliably about complaints and consultation.

Purpose and provision of personal information

When we obtain personal information directly, we specify the purpose of the use of the information as far as possible and inform the person of that purpose. We use the information only within the scope of the agreed purpose.

Prevention of accidents in personal information protection and corrective measures

In order to keep personal information accurate and up to date and to protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, etc., Safety Management Measures that conform to the universal technical standard at the present time We will make maximum efforts to prevent accidents by taking measures.

In addition, we are working to improve and strengthen emergency response procedure, system trouble recovery procedure, and emergency contact system as a corrective measure in case of accident involving personal information by any chance.

About the request for personal information disclosure etc.

In order to promptly and reliably respond to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use of personal information from the principal, suspension of provision of a third party etc. (hereinafter referred to as "request for disclosure etc.") We are working on improving our internal structure.
Those who wish to request disclosure etc. will guide you through the necessary procedures, so please contact us.

Inquiries, complaints, consultation window on personal information

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